of a museum’s pieces
are out of the public eye

Use yunow to create apps to share your assets: bring digital technology into your museum!

Yunow offers cultural institutions access to cutting-edge application technology: create your touch applications, showcase your resources, attract visitors!

Yunow allows you to create, manage and deploy touch applications in a few clicks and on all types of devices. Yunow offers greater flexibility and autonomy to cultural institutions.

Do you want to create your application yourself or leave it to us? It’s up to you! Contact us for more information!

Need some ideas? Check out our examples!

Bureau interactif avec une application d'exploration de collection

Present digitized content

You have digital resources such as images, videos, sounds, but don’t know how to integrate them effectively into your exhibition?

With Yunow, content is at the heart of the creation of our applications. You decide how to make the most of your resources 💪

Want to create a gallery? Discover the example of the MuMa!

“It’s easy and fun to use. It makes you want to dig around and learn more!”

Happy visitor, Museum of Modern Art – Saint-Étienne

Complete your exhibitions

How to effectively inform its visitors? Yunow allows you to accompany your audience before, during and after their visit.

Forget the long descriptive texts that take up a lot of space in your scenography: use an application that will transmit your information efficiently and that will enhance your exhibition!

Want to create an interactive visit guide? Discover the example of the Eugène Carrière Museum!

Personne naviguant dans une application tactile dans une exposition
Personnes découvrant une collection sur une table tactile

Entertain your visitors

How to attract a large audience and make them want to come back? Your audience will keep you in mind if they have a good time in your institution.

So make them have a fun, entertaining and amazing experience with Yunow! Offer them games, quizzes, funny information… make them live experiences around your exhibitions!

Want to create games for everyone? Discover the example of the Lugdunum Museum!

So, shall we begin the adventure? 🚀

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  • Deploy your app in just a few clicks
  • On any device and online
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