of a museum’s pieces
are out of the public eye

Use yunow to create apps to share your assets: bring digital technology into your museum!

Why yunow ?

Museotouch is an innovative service, laureate of the call for bids “Services culturels innovants” (innovative cultural services) launched in 2011 by the French Culture Ministry.

Open-source software co-developed with Erasme, the living-lab of Lyon metropolis, Museotouch allow the content management on touch screen terminals. Museotouch has been spread out in more than 30 museums and cultural institutions in France.

Based on the principle of Museotouch, yunow is a platform to create, manage and spread out touch applications in a few clicks and on any device. Yunow enable cultural institutions to be more flexible and more autonomous.

Bureau interactif avec une application d'exploration de collection
Visit guide

Show off your collections

With yunow you can create a digital gallery which displays an infinite number of resources in a small space. Bring digital technologies into the museum!

“It’s easy and fun to use. It makes you want to dig around and learn more!”

Happy visitor, Museum of Modern Art – Saint-Étienne

Interactive scenography

Augment your exhibitions

Create an app to give your visitors even more in-depth information. Take them behind the scenes of the show they just saw, show them the sketch under a painting, or give them a 360° view of the place being mentioned.

Personne naviguant dans une application tactile dans une exposition
Personnes découvrant une collection sur une table tactile
Cultural mediation

Entertain your visitors

Your audience will have a stronger memory of you if they have a good time at your institution. To ensure that’s the case, treat them to a fun, entertaining and surprising experience! Offer them games, quizzes and experiences related to your subject matter.

Your first app is free

Enjoy access to all of the functionalities offered by yunow, with no time limit and no commitment!

  • Create your first app using our 10 customizable templates
  • Broadcast your app in just a few clicks
  • On any device and online
  • Off-line mode