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Making learning
fun !

Create applications with Yunow to renew your educational scenarios.

Yunow makes it possible to present educational content thanks to technology.

Develop new skills with your students by offering them fun and informative tactile applications.

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Complete an educational project

Create applications with Yunow to show even more resources. Share images, videos, sounds, and explore themes with your students!

Discover the Historical Indian Ocean Icon Library project

Groupe d'élèves travaillant autour d'une table tactile au CDI

Facilitate cooperation

With Yunow, you can create a multitude of applications to get your students to cooperate. Games, quizzes, questionnaires…

You decide how to reuse your resources to make your students work together and learn even faster while having fun!

Discover the Educatouch project (FR)!

“It’s great to have control over your app, to be able to design its interface the way you want it and, in that way, to meet your needs in full.”

Claire, Digital Manager, MuMa – Le Havre

Captivate students

Technology is part of students’ daily lives.

By offering them the opportunity to access it also in a school setting, they will be even more interested and will be more and more fond of new fun and enriching activities!

Develop your own project


Groupe d'élèves autour d'une table tactile

Some secondary schools of Lyon already use Yunow

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