Explorer template

What can I do with the explorer template?

Explorer template’s goals

Explorer is a template for an app that displays points on an image. When you choose this template, each card that you add is positioned on a background image. You can attach any content that you like (picture, text, video or sound) to the card. Interactive tools arranged around the screen let visitors interact with and filter the content in a variety of ways. With this template, you can, for example, create an interactive map, allow users to discover the human body or explore a painting, and so on.


Present a place, a work of art or an object in its context, or group files together around the same theme.


We recommend using a multi-user table in the lectern mode.

Type of content

Timeline is effective for presenting descriptive and contextual content.


Suitable for all audiences.

Compatible interactive tools


You can use the timeline to filter your files for a specific period.


Cross-referenced filters

You can use cross-referenced filters to sort your files based on keywords.



You can use the cart to select files and
send them via e-mail.

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