Feedback: the case of the Department of Saône-et-Loire through Lab71

This time, we asked Lab71 to give us a feedback on their experience with Yunow. This additional testimony allows us to show another use of Yunow on a departmental scale by the Department of Saône-et-Loire, and the structures it manages. In this article, you will learn how the Department and Lab71 get organized to use Yunow, and how the platform has become a real tool in their daily work and future projects.

Here is the feedback of Sophie PELLENZ-BRUBACH, Deputy Director of Lab71 :

Yunow became a service provider for the Department of Saône-et-Loire to develop an application allowing visitors to discover the cultural sites of the Department and their wealth. The six sites are very different in terms of the themes addressed, the teaching methods used and the target audiences. This cultural diversity is a richness for the territory, but can also be a constraint in terms of communication. 

Lab 71 is a cultural structure of the Department of Saône-et-Loire dedicated to the discovery of science. For this purpose, the team develops educational exhibitions and activities on scientific themes for everyone. The site welcomes schools all year and works in partnership to spread scientific culture throughout the department and the region.

Practical use of Yunow

The application proposed by Yunow presents the different sites of the Department and locates them in the territory with the help of a map. The tool also allows an entertaining search by theme via the common points page, and provides information on the cultural and educational programming of each place. This application can be consulted on touch tables in each of the sites. 

Each structure can also develop its own creations in relation to the subjects it deals with. Thus, at Lab 71, we use Yunow to develop educational and playful applications on science. These applications bring complementary elements to the speeches and experiments proposed in workshops and exhibitions. 

Advantages of using Yunow

At Lab 71, we are constantly evolving to meet the demands of visitors, schoolchildren, our scientific partners and our desires! Our educational resources are very often readapted according to the feedback from our public. The system offered by Yunow opens up new possibilities in terms of autonomy in the creation and updating of our digital media. The system is easy to use, the possibilities of creation are quite diversified and modular, allowing the development of applications quickly. 

What I appreciate at Yunow is the flexibility of the support, and especially the availability of the team, always present to help us judiciously in the construction of our creations. And if everything is not always possible at the moment, the team is always ready to develop new tools. Moreover, knowing that these evolutions are shared with other cultural structures is also interesting. 

What about the future?

The idea now is to continue to develop the common application across the Department’s sites. As far as Lab 71 is concerned, the year 2020 will be rich in applications, whether it be for “assessment” applications, or applications for visits on the tablet in the showroom area.

Thanks to Sophie PELLENZ-BRUBACH for her feedback, as well as to the whole team of the Department of Saône-et-Loire for their trust!

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