Create your app in just a few clicks

Showcase your resources in just a few clicks

Manage your resources and import new ones

yunow uses powerful APIs to import your data automatically. Link yunow to an outside database or upload your CSV files quickly and easily.



Create even richer apps, thanks to the database of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (a federation of French national museums) and yunow.

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yunow CMS

Don’t have a structured database? Use our content management system to edit and manage your data.

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Organize your content

Present your resources in original ways

yunow gives you several ways to present your content. Choose the form that will correctly transmit your information.

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Multiple languages and translations

Our best translators will translate your content for you

Serve your apps in up to 10 languages for your visitors and customers. We offer you a choice between a free solution and a paid solution, depending on your needs.

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Google Translate

Write your content in your native language and translate it instantaneously: Google Translate is integrated with yunow.

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For high-quality translations, we offer the Worders service. This platform works with professional translators based in the country of the chosen language.

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Roll out your app

Your content will be available on any device

Once you have created your app on yunow, all that is left for you to do is to share it ! From the yunow app, you can broadcast the app of your choice on your screens, giving your visitors free rein to explore it. Whether you want to showcase a collection, guide your visitors or give them a fun experience, yunow has the right solutions for you.

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Windows 10

You can choose to broadcast your app on a touch device supplied by Windows 10. You will only have to download the yunow app, and to broadcast your own app on it.

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Web app

You can choose to broadcast your app as a web app. Your app will be accessible directly on the Internet with a link or a QR-code.

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)? 

Apps developed in PWA mode use the latest web programming languages. For end users, the apps’ behavior is very similar to that of a native app, and they make use of the device’s different features: GPS, camera, gyroscope, etc.

This technology allows for the complete or partial use of the app in offline mode, after its initial download and installation. PWAs are accessible from any device (computers and iOS or Android mobile terminals), by means of the Firefox or Chrome browser.

A native application is one that is accessible via a download platform (Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, etc.).


Track your app in real-time

yunow offers a powerful integrated statistical tool, so you can get to know your visitors better. Which content has been viewed? Which interactive tools were used? What is the average time per user? Which languages are the most popular?

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