Gallery template

What can I do with a Gallery template ?

Gallery template's goals

The Gallery template allows visitors to navigate through a large corpus of documents. Your resources will be displayed in the form of a grid. Your visitors will be able to browse through them and open each file, but also sort the displayed results using dynamic filters: categories, timeline, etc. This template is particularly useful if you have a lot of content to display. It can also be used to give your visitors a global view of all of your resources.


Present a large collection of resources. Allow your visitors to filter content based on various criteria.


We recommend using a multi-user table in the high-top mode.

Type of content

This template typically contains a variety of media with a shared subject (a person, place, period, artistic movement, etc.).


Suitable for all audiences.

Compatible interactive tools

Gallery template : enrich your app



You can use the timeline to filter your files for a specific period.


Cross-referenced filters

You can use cross-referenced filters to sort your files based on keywords.



You can use the cart to select files and send them via e-mail.



Multi-view displays a button that can be used to quickly switch between a World Map, a Timeline and a Gallery.