Game of the Goose (free template)

Thumb Jeu De L'oie

How to combine technology and classic board games? We have the answer! Create an interactive game of the goose board that you could use quite normally with counters and dice. It works just like our childhood game, but with a touch of technology that makes the experience even more fun! To do this, you just have to roll the dice and when you come across a number, you have to touch the square and then the instructions to follow open: + 3 squares, return to the starting square, prison… It’s all there !

This game is only composed of a screen made from the explorer template. Explorer allows you to add points of interest on a background, and link them to content. Here, each point is linked to simple cards, which contain the action to be performed.

Img 0410

Need graphic resources to complete your game?

There are free and royalty-free image sites (such as unsplash or pixabay), pictograms (such as thenounproject), and, don’t forget, with Yunow, you also have access to the catalogue of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (RMN) thanks to APIs! If you still need help, we are always here for you 😉

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