Interactive plan

Thumb Man

The Museum of National Archaeology called on Yunow to draw up an interactive map of its premises. This application allows the visitor to discover additional information about the exhibitions while finding his way around the museum.

To create this interactive map, we used the Explorer template. Explorer allows you to place points of interest, each of which is linked here to a simple card containing, for each object on display, an image and information. To facilitate the visit, the “search filter” tool has been added to the application, so that visitors can filter the information themselves according to their interests.

Need graphic resources to complete your plan?

There are free and royalty-free image sites (such as unsplash or pixabay), pictograms (such as thenounproject), and, don’t forget, with Yunow, you also have access to the catalogue of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (RMN) thanks to APIs! If you still need help, we are always here for you 😉

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