Memory template

What can I do with a Memory template ?

Memory template's goals

The Memory template allows you to let your visitors have fun with your content. The goal is to import several images that will automatically be replicated and then to challenge your visitors to find the matching pairs. Once they have matched a pair, visitors can open and view the file for that picture. It will then be moved to the bottom of the screen, where it will be viewable until the game is over.


Let your visitors test their visual memory with this game.


We recommend using a multi-user table in the lectern or coffee table mode.

Type of content

This template should contain a collection of images.


Perfectly suitable for a young audience.

Compatible interactive tools

Memory template : enrich your app



In some game templates, you can activate and define a number of lives, after which the game will end.



You can use the cart to select files and send them via e-mail.



You can use the timer to limit how long a page in your app can be used.