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Memory template

Memory template jeux-memory

Memory template’s goals The Memory template allows you to let your visitors have fun with your content. The goal is to import several images that will automatically be replicated and then to challenge your visitors to find the matching pairs. Once they have matched a pair, visitors can open and view the file for that […]

Timeline Template

Timeline Template Frise Chronologique

Timeline template’s goals The Timeline template allows you to present your resources in chronological order. They are placed on a horizontal timeline that your visitors can scroll through. This template is useful for displaying multiple pieces by the same artist or for presenting different events that occurred during the same period, for example. Goal Present […]

World Map Template

World Map Template Modèle quiz image

World map template’s goals The World Map template allows you to place points around the world. You can add media files to take your visitors on a journey of discovery. This template uses the same principle of navigation as the Explorer template, the only difference being that it allows users to navigate through a geographic […]

Similarities Template

Similarities Template Points communs

Similarities template’s goals Similarities is a template for a thinking game in which your visitors are asked to group your content according to their similarities. During this game, your content (such as pictures of animals) is displayed in a jumble, and various categories (mammals, cetaceans, etc.) will be visible. Visitors will then need to place […]

Puzzle Template

Puzzle Template jeux-puzzle

Puzzle Template’s goals The Puzzle template allows you to cut up an image into multiple pieces. Your visitors will have to reassemble the picture, like a jigsaw puzzle, within the time allotted. You can choose the number of pieces and the time allotted to complete the puzzle. This game adds a touch of fun to […]

Gallery template

Gallery template modèle-galerie

Gallery template’s goals The Gallery template allows visitors to navigate through a large corpus of documents. Your resources will be displayed in the form of a grid. Your visitors will be able to browse through them and open each file, but also sort the displayed results using dynamic filters: categories, timeline, etc. This template is […]