Temporary exhibition

Thumb Muma

During a temporary exhibition, using Yunow makes it possible to limit costs and to have a complete and functional application really quick. This is the choice made by the Museum of Modern Art in Le Havre, which has created an application to discover works of art inspired by the sea through original illustrations by Gaël Dezothez. This application has thus allowed to give the visitor access to complementary works on the occasion of a temporary exhibition.

To discover more, click here to watch the video of the application :

To realize this application for a temporary exhibition, we used the Explorer template. Explorer allows you to place points of interest, each of which is linked here to a simple card containing information about each work. And so we have a second art gallery in an app!

Need graphic resources to complete your exhibition?

There are free and royalty-free image sites (such as unsplash or pixabay), pictograms (such as thenounproject), and, don’t forget, with Yunow, you also have access to the catalogue of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (RMN) thanks to APIs! If you still need help, we are always here for you 😉

Do you have a similar project in mind? Create your app here!

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