The touchless Museum – door handle syndrome

We started to live “contactless” long before the Covid-19 outbreak began. However, today it is a necessity for most of our daily actions. Whether it’s opening a door, calling the elevator or picking oranges at the supermarket, we all find subterfuges to stop using our hands.

Throughout this crisis, will we open the doors with our elbows? We don’t know. But what we do know is that museums are no exception to the door handle syndrome. As Courrier International explains in its April 23-29, 2020 issue, the doorknob is not the only one that generates apprehension among its users. The door handle syndrome, or the search for ploys to avoid physical contact, concerns counters, elevator buttons or banking terminals. The expression “to touch with the eyes” now takes on its full meaning! What about touch screens in cultural places? Will we have to go to the museum without contact?

Museums after the lockdown

In concrete terms, how is the post-lockdown of museums going? The vagueness remains complete. As with all cultural and artistic fields, the guidelines are not yet very clear.

Each country or even city has to deal with its own contamination rate in order to choose to open the museums or not.

Within museums, new procedures are put in place to ensure the safety of visitors. Hydroalcoholic gel available, distance markings and masks must be adopted. Don’t forget to post these safety instructions to inform your visitors. For many, it is impossible to maintain and disinfect touch screens, audio guides, and other interactive devices. They are therefore taken out of service or removed. 

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What solutions for adapted and interactive museums?

You can no longer use your applications on interactive screens? You’re lucky that Yunow allows you to transfer them to mobile! In one click, an application originally designed for a touch terminal can be carried on the web. And of course, we accompany you in this transition for image compression or format adaptation, for example. 

At Yunow, we offer you mobile application functionalities allowing you to transcribe all your usual media on the phone of your visitors. Whether it’s information usually delivered by audioguide, paper tour guides or educational games, you can transcribe everything on your mobile application. 

Some museums can also provide tactile gloves to visitors who wish to wear them. This allows the use of the museum’s tactile media. 

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Digitize your activity – with moderation

We recently published an article on the different applications created during the lockdown. In it, we explained the importance of finding new solutions to digitize the culture. Indeed, these digital supports will allow you to share your collection of works in a different way.

Today, there are a multitude of technologies that allow you to modernize your cultural institutions. Voice control and leap motion facilitate the contactless digitization of museums. However, this should not be abused. 

A museum should not be an amusement park. It is up to you to carefully choose the technologies that will serve your collection, not distract attention. A museum is visited primarily for its works. Don’t make it interactive just to say you make it interactive. 

Feeling a little lost? Contact us to tell us about your situation. We are committed to giving you an honest and disinterested answer.

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