Timeline Template

What can I do with a Timeline Template ?

Timeline template's goals

The Timeline template allows you to present your resources in chronological order. They are placed on a horizontal timeline that your visitors can scroll through. This template is useful for displaying multiple pieces by the same artist or for presenting different events that occurred during the same period, for example.


Present a place, a work of art or an object in context, or group files together around the same theme.


We recommend using a multi-user table in the lectern mode.

Type of content

Timeline is effective for presenting descriptive and contextual content.


Suitable for all audiences.

Compatible interactive tools

Timeline Template : enrich your app


Cross-referenced filters

You can use cross-referenced filters to sort your files based on keywords.



You can use the cart to select files and send them via e-mail.



Multi-view displays a button that can be used to quickly switch between a World Map, a Timeline and a Gallery.